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2019 Spring

March XXth to March XXnd

Hack Your biology, EMotions & Mindset for health, self-knowledge and quality of life.

How does it work?

☑️ {INCLUDED} Week cleanse program complete with detailed guidelines and meal plan including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

☑️ {INCLUDED} Text message support group. Share your experience with participants and consult experienced teachers.

☑️ {$30} Upgrade your membership for a month to unlimited practices to optimize the purification process and accelerate the personal transformation. Technical classes are accessible on-site, via Skype or video recordings.

☑️ {$20} 2 hour complete practice to accelerate your personal evolution and to end the week with a cherry on top.

☑️ {$10} 1 hour conversation going explaining the our nutritional philosophy. Full of tips. This course is an online recording.


☑️ {MEALS: $10-15}

Enrich the experience eating with us, everything tastes better in good company! Plus you’ll save time and energy. Help us prepare the dinner or pick up for take-away. Breakfast lunch & dinner are available.

*Meals must be pre-paid with 12 hours anticipation.

Who is it for?

Individuals who are healthy, happy and are looking for a proven method of self-optimization a group of experience professionals. You can join the experience at our Greenwich Village school location or online from anywhere in the world.

Why do it?

🚀 Gain priceless insight into how to better nourish your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and intuitive bodies.

🚀 Learn how to optimize your routine.

🚀 Enhance the quality of your sleep.

🚀 Learn practical tools for excellent internal hygiene.

🚀 Learn to reprogram your mindset, emotions and habits.