Intelligent Nutrition and Purification Workshop

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Intelligent Nutrition and Purification Workshop


Four weekly classes of one hour each. Students can participate in person or virtual sessions.

From our perspective, an intelligent diet favourably impacts not only ourselves but also our environment. Intelligent nutrition is to nourish the material body in such a way that it improves our quality of life and respects, or takes into account, other living beings (animals, vegetables and humans).

Within the proposal of the DeRose Method, good nutrition is a very important topic. We adopted a very old dietary system, originating from India, that is meatless and very well seasoned. A highly varied diet that generates few toxins and provides us with more energy. This way of feeding ourselves, aside from being healthier, is the most advantageous for the technical progression in our Method.

The digestive system and the anatomical structure of the human being demonstrate that we not prepared for the consumption of meats. It is simple enough to compare those aspects with those of a carnivore, of a herbivore and of a frugivore, and look for the similarities and differences. If we go back in history, we see that our earliest ancestors were frugivorous and only began to eat meat for a matter of survival in the ice age.

What we eat is transformed into the raw material that constitutes our organism. This material also greatly influences our emotions, our thoughts and our way of acting.

When ingesting food or liquids, we are providing the raw material to the internal machinery that creates and loads the construction bricks for the body. Just as there are different brick qualities, depending on the material used to make them, our cells will be able to perform their functions better or worse.

The responsibility is yours, you choose what kind of bricks you are going to use and how much you are going to take care of your organism, your planet and other human beings.

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