Be committed to your success, fulfilment & living an extraordinary life.

Bring about positive & permanent shifts in your quality of life, your relationships, your family, your work, your family, and your community.

Basic Course
Thirty six concise discussions led by the Director aiming to provide students with basic knowledge about our Method's inspirations & foundations. These regular discussions are designed to identify paradigms as well as complement the student's personal practice and human development.

Study Group
Once a month students gather to review and discuss texts or subjects relevant to the paradigm shift proposed by our methodology. Materials including fiction and non-fiction literature, videos, nutrition, & lifestyle.

Every Tuesday the founder of the DeRose Method, Professor DeRose, talks about his personal experience and other varying topics of interest to shift paradigms. The webinars are in Portuguese and simultaneous translations by our teachers are available at our schools during the webinar. To watch previously aired classes visit

Streaming Online {real time interaction or recorded}

Our streaming online classes are real-time and interactive, just like being there in person! We are dedicated to offering the best and most personal virtual experience anywhere. We treat our online members like every other member and put a lot of time and energy into developing an genuine and personal teacher-student relationship.


The DeRose Method is a lifestyle and goes beyond the technical and philosophical aspects covered in our varied classes, lectures and courses. Our school is a space where members explore our healthy lifestyle interacting with each other by traveling, going to the theater, cinema, art exhibitions, restaurants, etc. Every cultural activity offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

DeRose Chai

The first paradigm shift experience in our school might be when you taste our chai. Made from scratch on-site everyday, our delicious chai is rich in spices and links you to the authentic heritage of Our Culture. 


Within the DeRose Method nutrition is of great importance for the student's evolution in the method and performance. For us, nutritional value, flavor and a pleasurable sensory experience is sacred when it comes to food!
Our instructors prepare delicious and elaborate meals that represent our food philosophy. This is one of the most popular school activities among our students, who often bring friends and relatives to join!


Our festivals are an amazing opportunity to boost your evolution in the DeRose Method culture. It's an immersion experience into our culture through practices, courses, choreography performances, parties, dinners and camaraderie. Courses are taught by the best teachers in the world, which immensely adds to the student's understanding of our philosophy of life. It's a cheerful and intense weekend with hundreds of students and teachers of the method from across the world.
Festivals are on average three days and occur in various cities around the world several times a year, including cities like New York (October), Hawaii (March), São Paulo (August), Florianopolis (May), Buenos Aires (September), Saquarema (November), Paris (November) and Lisbon (July).