The day does not need more time: you need more focus!

By Edgardo Caramella

It's natural that, as a good becomes scarce, its value increases in proportion to its demand. This law of supply and demand can be applied not only to goods and services, but also to more subtle elements. Observe what occurs with time, which is less tangible compared to objects or elements of the physical dimension, there is no doubt that time is a factor which affects our lives substantially.

In the words of Jorge Luis Borges: "time is the substance of which I was made." And the brilliant writer was not mistaken in this observation, because we are that: time. In this passage of time is our work, our contribution, our existence and also our legacy when our time runs out. It is extremely valuable to know how to manage it, to spend it in a constructive way, to know that it is a very precious, fleeting good, and the basis on which our lives are built.

It's evident that time adjusts to the different perceptions each person has of it. This diversity of interpretations is a human construct that influences the individual and collective aspects of life in a very important way. Each person has their time, their pauses, their rhythms, and we should know how to relate to others within this range of varying perceptions.

When the clock predominates, time is a very valuable commodity. The phrase time is money, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, establishes this clearly. In contrast, within cultures where the events set the time and its value, the general behavior is more flexible and human relations occupy a place of utmost importance.

Time and money are measured in different ways. I consider the appropriate management of time important, to not lose it as a result of a lack of concentration or in activities that do not generate results. We can incorporate a productive pace, with effective results, and without excessive stress if we learn to do that.

In the workplace, for example, you can avoid the word "URGENT" - which in itself predisposes the excessive production of adrenaline - if everyone establishes a more conscious, logical and constructive relationship with time. The DeRose Method offers multiple effective tools to help manage time better. They are founded on developing a clear understanding of time, and incorporate the concept: work on what we are to do what we do better.