Concentration Practice of the Month

Sit in a comfortable position and observe the following triangle closely. Close your eyes, don't let your thought disperse, and visualize the triangle with intricate detail. On the first day train without interruption for one minute. On the second day, train for two minutes without interruption. Increase the practice time each day by one minute until you reach 20 minutes.

Saturate all of your attention to the image below. To achieve the level of focus necessary you must decide to practice with bháva, a Sanskrit term meaning 'feeling, desire, or intention'. Meaning, your desire to practice and progress in the technique must be stronger than the things that will distract and sabotage your focus. This practice will develop excellent mental discipline, which is a requisite to progress towards your goals and develop self-sufficiency.

   Image credit:   SkyeHunter5


Image credit: SkyeHunter5