Meditation with Professor Charles Maciel

charles maciel meditation nyc

WHEN: Saturday 3pm, March 14th.
WHERE: DeRose Method Greenwich Village.
DURATION: Four hours.
VALUE: $300 for non-members & $150 for members.

Meditation is a spontaneous result of the concentration of consciousness. The purpose of meditation is to go beyond: to see things as they are, disentangling ourselves from the interpretative and limited view of ordinary consciousness. Meditation is not simply to keep quiet; is about what comes afterwards, the manifestation of linear intuition.

Meditation is to change the channel of consciousness, through which awareness flows, letting it flow through a more subtle and deeper channel called intuitional. This is where the self manifests.

Course syllabus:
what is meditation;
how to meditate;
the evolutionary process of meditation;
the three degrees of meditation;
meditation exercises;
am I meditating?;
linear intuition and hyperconsciousness.