Kálí-danda Incense Environmental Purifier Now Available


Incense is a natural resource that helps us recreate an ideal environment for practice, study, and much more, depending on the perfumes and other constituents of herbs, resins etc., whose molecules are released when burning, allowing an immediate absorption by the pituitary membrane. Perfumes influence the emotional, the mind and to the body, and the response is immediate, as fast as an injection into a vein.

Today our incense has three different applications, the first is to perfume the environment. The second is the effects on the people who breath it in. The third is the purification of the environment. A good incense should have all three.

An Instructor, more than anyone else, understands the importance of incense quality, since they could possibly be exposed to it for hours and hours every day. It is essential that the incense be a pure and good product because if not it will be the instructor's health at risk. Therefore, we follow a zealously strict process to ensure the purity and superior quality of the natural resins, imported from the best origins, and handled with extreme care until the final stage. Our incense is remains a natural and artisanal product.

Limited quantities available to reserve yours by writing us at Greenwich.US@DeROSEMethod.org.