Much is said, but little is known about the original and ancient meditation. Dictionaries define meditation as thinking or reflecting on something, which is exactly the opposite of what is said in the Eastern philosophy that created this technique. The most authentic definition of meditation is: the act of not thinking; it’s to completely silence your rational mind; another description is when the observer, the act of observing, and the observed, merge to become one. This is not as simple as it seems. When you try to silence your intellectual mind, many obstacles arise spontaneously. But, with effective training, meditation becomes simple and achievable for everyone.


When we act under the influence of emotions, we do not reason very well, and often act without thinking. But even when we think, we also make a lot of mistakes. Just think about how many times you’ve missed a simple math calculation. The human mind tends towards dispersion and it’s nature is to be cluttered, especially when we are under pressure and stress.

1- MENTAL CLARITY: imagine if there was a method for training your brain so you could develop your potential; a simple, practical, objective training to be present and gain more mental clarity for making better decisions at work and in your personal life. 

2- MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS: imagine if could better understand your emotions, learning to manage them and develop emotional intelligence and excellent human relationships.

3- REDUCE STRESS: imagine if you could silence your mind and manage your stress at levels suitable for a life of quality and well being.

5- MASTER YOUR INTUITION: imagine how with more mental and emotional clarity you will be able to access your intuitive wisdom and apply it to your life, to every single moment, seeing through the clutter in order to reshape your choices and behaviors to align with your purpose and perform at full potential.


🚀 Meditation increases awareness of your unconscious mind. (1)

🚀 Meditation affects genes that control stress and immunity. (2,3)

🚀 Meditation fosters creativity. (4)

🚀 Meditation increases grey matter concentration in the brain. (5)

🚀 Long-term meditation enhances the ability to generate gamma waves in the brain, associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing. (6)

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