Getting Smarter Everyday: What we can learn from neuromuscular paradigms

Paradigms can be described as a distinct set of patterns that manifest themselves in our thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviors, theories, beliefs, and just about any possible form of expression or conceptualization. 

Paradigms are an important part of our existence and make life more efficient. They are not good nor bad, but they do govern our life experience in every possible way, to which we then impose the concept of good and bad. 

If you watch this video closely you will understand how neuromuscular paradigms influence our ability to solve (or not) what appear to be very simple issues from everyday life.  Now project that into every other aspect of your life, from how you relate to and interact with yourself, family, friends, co-workers or complete strangers. Many people are as unstable as Destin (the guy in the video) trying to ride the re-engineered bicycle. Logically, this is to be expected if our paradigms don't smoothly match the paradigms that govern the world we live in. Sometimes the paradigms of the world we live in are solid and unchanging laws of nature while other times they are simply cultural.

Now, ask yourself, are you redefining your paradigms everyday to make life happier and more productive, or are you simply adapting to the cultural paradigms set out for you from birth? It's not a question of eliminating paradigms, rather choosing and working on them.