The Immense Effect of Doing Nothing

by Yael Barcesat

We are the architects of our own destiny, even when we do nothing. Nothingness generates consequences, like everything that is said, or not said; everything you do, or don’t do. These non-actions, still contribute a brick to the construction of ourselves.

I wonder if the Cartesian principle "I think, therefore I am" would be more true if we replaced the word "think" for "do". Hindus codified this natural phenomenon as karma, stating that "everything generates karma". Professor DeRose defines karma as a universal law of cause and effect.

Taking refuge in the bed under the covers and not leaving the house all day is the equivalent of pretending to avoid the dawn by keeping the eyes closed. But we know that tomorrow the sun will rise again, even though the sky is overcast. Based on this, why not choose a more consistent behavior in harmony with the tendencies of nature and use those forces in our favor. So often, it seems, these forces have been overlooked by humans.

Is it possible to remove the juice from a fruit without squeezing? The same concept applies to our lives and goals, we must go to them.