The Key to Optimal Performance

Find out how to reach optimal performance and excel in business and in life

Achieving optimal performance at work and in life involves taking your mental and physical abilities to their highest levels so that you can realize – and reach – your greatest potential.

A unique discipline called the DeRose Method is catching the attention of entrepreneurs and ambitious business people across the world by promoting a quality lifestyle that’s strengthened through well-being, culture, mindfulness, self awareness and kindness.

Originating from Brazil and this method involves physical and mental exercises and techniques. To date the lifestyles of many have been transformed through taking their lives to the next level and bringing optimal performance within their grasp.

By regularly attending classes at either of the two DeRose Method schools in Manhattan, New Yorkers can also now achieve excellence in fitness, health and business.

Already, entrepreneurs in New York’s thriving startup community are reaping its benefits and sensing perfection in their professional and personal lives to last a lifetime.

As DeRose Method practitioners they’re also striving to make the world a better place to exist in.

John Chisenhall, DeRose Method instructor & Director of DeRose Method Greenwich Village, NYC

John Chisenhall, DeRose Method instructor & Director of DeRose Method Greenwich Village, NYC

"We’re not trying to create something new, we’re trying to take what genuinely works in order to help others perform at their absolute best."

Here, DeRose Method instructor John Chisenhall tells Nativa World how he’s helping New York’s business community navigate the road to optimal performance…

John what does the word, ‘Enrich’ mean to you?

It represents the effort to make prosperity a lifestyle. It’s to recognize value and opportunity in everything, whether it’s in plain sight or latent. Then, what matters most, is acting on that opportunity. It’s a pro-active lifestyle in which I try to add value, or inspire value to manifest in everything and everyone I cross paths with. For example, when I was younger the sustainability concept of ‘leaving no trace behind’ really inspired me, but later on, with my DeRose Method studies, I learned that I should take it a step further and leave the space better off than when I arrived. I try to apply this concept to every moment and interaction in my work and outside of it.

There’s great power in knowing that everything happening in my life is the result of my own thoughts, words, and actions

How do you define ‘quality of life’?

Quality of life is to make your existence uncomplicated, to do what gives you pleasure, happiness, health and well-being. Quality of life is to adopt habits and behaviors that promote optimal functionality of the body, emotions and mind. Quality of life is to interact in a mindful and responsible manner towards all people, animals and nature, aspiring to think, speak and act with generosity, respect and affection.

What’s the secret to it?

On a more personal level, and beyond that, the secret to quality of life is to prioritize the alignment of my work and my relationships with my ideals, values and life mission. I’m willing to go through a rough patch, or many, as long as my intuitive sensory gland confirms that I’m on the right path. I haven’t always made the right choices, but I’ve acquired the asset of new perceptions and experience from every single mistake, and that has paid higher returns over my lifetime. There’s great power in knowing that everything happening in my life is the result of my own thoughts, words, and actions. If I’m not satisfied, I systematically evaluate and audit my thoughts, words, and actions.

What’s your background?

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Economics, I decided to dedicate a year to traveling Latin America and to learning Spanish before I made any concrete steps towards saving the world with my economics wisdom. So, I jumped on a Greyhound bus in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and began my journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not long after I arrived I walked into a DeRose Method school. It didn’t take long to realize that the DeRose Method offered an unmatched set of tools and resources for self-development.

Our network is focused on supporting the long-term success of the individual entrepreneur.

What was its appeal?

It was everything I had expected economics to be, with regards to being a model for making the world a better place to exist in. I appreciated how no one made any promises of benefits. The benefits I walked in expecting to hear about were merely bread crumbs, side-effects of a high-performance lifestyle. The DeRose Method provided more than solutions, it offered a sustainable and long-term support structure for personal development and the enhancement of performance on a personal and professional level.

Why did you become a DeRose Method instructor?

I value how our network is focused on supporting the long-term success of the individual entrepreneur. Two unique factors of our network are our exceptional lifetime mentoring system and our global entrepreneurial community that acts more like a family than a business. I was raised in an entrepreneurial family environment; my father is the founder of Vintage Air Inc., the inventors of performance air conditioning for everything from trucks to modern supercars. I’ve seen many businesses of family members and friends fail and most of them could have been saved with the advice of an experienced and trusted mentor combined with an experienced and supportive business community. I’ve seen great ideas and even great brands go under for the most bizarre and avoidable reasons. I fully understand the importance of mentorship, and working with the right team of people and being a part of a business industry community, therefore, I immediately understood and appreciated the foundation Professor DeRose designed for our DeRose Method entrepreneurs.

We came to this solution ahead of the curve because we’re imperfect humans doing our best to practice what we teach

How does the method differ from other coaching concepts?

The DeRose Method is unique because it is extremely comprehensive, technical and pragmatic. As pioneers in the field since 1960, we offer an incredibly complete set of tools and unparalleled professional experience. Our method not only has a highly impactful theory, but we also have the most comprehensive and proven practical tools. Alone, both resources are powerful enough to create a successful methodology. Together, these resources produce a synergy that’s powerful enough to create something exceptional.

We were the first and continue to be the only method that successfully combines high-performance concepts and practices. We came to this solution ahead of the curve because we are imperfect humans doing our best to practice what we teach. We are not trying to create something new, we are trying to take what genuinely works in order to help others perform at their absolute best.

You may get a great job because you’re talented, but you keep your job (or get promoted) because of your soft skills

What are the body and mind benefits?

The DeRose Method is a proposal emphasizing quality of life, good habits and attitudes, good relationships, good nutrition, good physical fitness & health, and good culture. Our performance, quality of life, happiness and self-realization are impacted by so much more than can be captured by the concept of body and mind. In fact, our school teaches that we have several dimensions of different natures, substances and levels of subtlety, of which the most important are: physical, emotional, mental and intuitional. This pedagogic explanation describing the different dimensions of Man is interesting to the intellectually inclined but it’s not nearly as important as simply improving your behaviors, habits, attitudes, and interactions with the world you exist in.

Our techniques have a positive impact on the individual’s overall health and well-being, and although that is great, the fact remains that these results only impact the individual. On the other hand, by adopting good behaviors, habits, and attitudes that boost performance and quality of life, you become an instrument for good in all of your social circles, including your professional life and beyond. Doors of opportunity begin to open to you when your example creates shock waves that positively impact all degrees of your social circles. The benefits of this are immeasurable and often go unnoticed but make no mistake, they are as real as anything else in this world. You may get a great job because you’re talented, but you keep your job (or get promoted) because of your soft skills.

Who would best benefit from attending a DeRose class?

Our demographic varies, but they all have these things in common – they are ‘positively’ unsatisfied, in that they are overall happy, but realize that they can take their life to the next level with the right knowledge and tools. They’re also individuals who enjoy the small things in life as much as anything else. They give their best to everything they do because they want the best in life. They’re pro-active, thoughtful, kind, ambitious, and not afraid to face the challenges of a chaotic city, such as, New York. They’re people who don’t expect the world to be perfect for them yet strive for perfection as an ideal, not a destination.

Initially, I recommend no less than three small group or private activities per week. Think about how much time you would need to dedicate to learning another language or piano? If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well. After the first conversational lesson and practical class, you’ll begin to practice 24 hours a day. We consider the school to be a laboratory. What you learn with us is for the real world, otherwise you wasted your time and mine.

Nothing’s more frustrating than to see someone held back because they can’t commit to themselves, their ideals and objectives, but they can fully commit to working tirelessly for someone else’s, to the detriment of their physical and mental health.

To be on top of your game you need to tap into your best

What are the different types of classes?

Our schools offer a diverse collection of activities and classes geared towards developing the key pillars of human performance. These activities are available in both individual and group settings, on-site or online. The activities vary from conversational lessons about meditation, stress management or emotional competence, and practical classes that help in developing optimal utilization of the respiratory system, strength, flexibility, rejuvenation and recovery, visualization of archetypes and objectives, focus and meditation.

What are your lifestyle tips for businesswomen who travel often?

Create an adaptable routine that you can take anywhere. This is important because to be on top of your game you need to tap into your best. We create compact routines for our members that can take as little as 8 minutes.

For example, the archetype mentalization is a great technique for an entrepreneur who travels often. For this technique, first, abstract yourself from your immediate surroundings and begin to imagine, like a detailed movie scene, the key moment when you are getting the result that you desire. The more detail the better, awakening as many senses as possible, visualize the ideal body language, experience the ideal attitude and emotional state, recreating the flawless scenario for success, the archetype.

When it comes to entrepreneurs and startups, the attitude you must have is determination

What are your lifestyle tips for someone launching a startup?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s in the best interest of your business to neglect your family life, your friends, your intimate partnership, your community, for the sake of giving 110% to your startup.

Most people who do that end up failing anyway, leaving yourself impoverished socially, emotionally and financially. Money comes and goes. If your startup fails, at least you’ll be socially and emotionally rich. If you’re a pleasant, easy going and considerate person, your friends and family will want to help if you are in a tough spot, inviting you over for dinner and a movie, or perhaps even letting you stay in their extra bedroom while you get back on your feet.

Lastly, it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond. When it comes to entrepreneurs and startups, the attitude you must have is determination. Don’t you ever give up. It’s not a problem if you fail at something. Every failure results in an acquired attribute. The problem is when you give up. The primary difference between success and failure is not talent or quality of the company’s service or product, it’s that the people who failed gave up first. I always reflect and consult other experts for advice when I struggle to reach my goals. If I fail at something I evaluate and adjust, if I fail more than about 50 times then I redirect my energy to a different project or plan of action, but I never give up on anything I believe in.

DeROSE Method workshop at WeWork


This week we were invited to the WeWork 11 Park Place location to discuss how breathing better enhances quality of life and optimizes performance of the body, emotions and brain.

Studies by Jack Feldman, professor of neurology at UCLA, and later by Mark Krasnow and Kevin Yackle are a few of many showing that breathing affects the mind and emotional states. They found a neural circuit correlating accelerated breathe to hyper-arousal, and vice-versa.

When our breath accelerates, our body's internal rhythm speeds up, making us more alert and reactive. This is an expected automatic & physiological response that prepares us to withstand a challenge perceived to demand more energy than what is readily available, compared to a more secure and undisturbed situation. An acceleration or deceleration is neither inherently good or bad. The most important lesson to take from this is to understand how to activate these states at your convenience. It's all about harnessing these responses to get the results you consider ideal.

The DeROSE Method teaches a collection of more than 50 respiratory techniques that produce a powerful impact on mind’s ability to function better, in addition to an increase in energy levels of the practitioner.

Breathing more intelligently and strategically in your daily life will positively affect your brain, emotional and physical activity. With an increased emotional intelligence, a better focus and more mental resilience you will perform better at work, realizing your potential.

What does it mean to breathe intelligently and strategically?

It starts by breathing exclusively through the nose in order to properly filter, moisten the air and optimize the temperature of the air before it reaches the lungs.

Second, is the importance of using optimal lung capacity. For this, you need to utilize the lower, middle and upper sections of the lungs. The lower section of the lungs is responsible for more than 50% of our lung capacity alone, yet any people neglect deep breathing, leading to a decline in lung function which has been linked to high blood pressure, anxiety, shortness of breathe and even heart disease. We often start people off training with abdominal deep breathing to re-educate their respiratory system to utilize the lower section of the lungs.

When we don't utilize the three sections of the lungs, primarily the lower section, we capture less oxygen, thus our body and cells also receive less oxygen, forcing our heart to work harder to pump oxygen throughout the body. The heart working overtime long-term can lead to heart failure. Earlier symptoms of reduced lung capacity include shortness of breath, decreased stamina, reduced endurance and frequent respiratory infections.

We separate lung capacity into three sections for didactic purposes. Each section is associated to unique movements during breathe. Take inhalation, for example: inhale into the lower section and the abdomen will expand outward, then inhale into the middle section and the ribcage will expand/dilate, and finally, inhale into the upper section and the upper chest will expand/rise.

We separate lung capacity into three sections for didactic purposes. Each section is associated to unique movements during breathe. Take inhalation, for example: inhale into the lower section and the abdomen will expand outward, then inhale into the middle section and the ribcage will expand/dilate, and finally, inhale into the upper section and the upper chest will expand/rise.

We'll continue this post next week so stay connected!

4 Exercises to Better Handle Anxiety, Fear, and Anger

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How a person deals with other human beings is a big factor in whether or not he or she succeeds in business and life.

By Christina DesMarais, Contributor,


How a person deals with other human beings is a big factor in whether or not he or she succeeds in business and life. It involves emotional intelligence (EI), or the ability to recognize and appropriately react to feelings in yourself and the people around you, particularly when it comes to handling stress and frustration. According to Gustavo Oliveira--a consultant who has helped about 2,000 people worldwide improve their EI using something called DeRose Method--it's a skill everyone can sharpen. Here are his words on four ways to build your emotional intelligence.

1. Study yourself.

To get a better understanding of your emotional responses, behaviors, and where your weaknesses may lie, learn to pay attention to your reactions and behaviors. And ask people close to you--only if they'll be honest--to tell you what areas of your personality need work.

2. Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly.

Deep and steady breathing through the nose with a relaxed ribcage is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body, and strong medicine for anxiety, fear and anger. Deep breathing sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body, resulting in a lower heart rate and blood pressure. And when you are relaxed and calm you can better manage your immediate emotions.

3. Channel your emotions.

One powerful method of handling negative emotions is to transform negative energies into positive ones by redirecting them to fuel new opportunities. For example, in 2009 I was expanding two successful businesses. Two years later, both had failed and my money was gone. I was crushed, frustrated and disappointed, but instead of letting my emotions reinforce an unproductive mindset and behaviors, I took a five-hour drive and started thinking about ways I could channel the power of frustration into something positive. During this time, I realized that my failures actually taught me many valuable lessons on how to run a business and the things that must be avoided. I decided to teach these lessons to others and created a course which was a huge success and became an amazing new asset.

4. Transmute your emotions.

Try to transform negative feelings such as anger, hatred, pain, and jealousy into positive ones such as, love, admiration, compassion and kindness. For example, I had a student who was a professional stand-up paddle (SUP) athlete and would become emotionally unstable every time a competitor provoked him during competitions, which would negatively impact his performance. So, I created a behavioral training response for him: I asked him to smile at the competitor, row harder and intensify his focus. With time and training his response improved drastically and his new and unexpected behavior destabilized the competitors who provoked him.

Envy is another common negative emotion. Some of my students have admitted that the achievements of others make them feel as though if they are not good enough. I train them to transform the feeling and substitute it with admiration for the person's success. They come to see it as an opportunity to learn from the person's strengths, which is a more useful and productive response.

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The Secret of DeRose Chai

Chai is a hallmark of the DeRose Method schools around the world. If you've tried our beloved chai, now you'll have the original recipe so you can make it for yourself or guests.

derose chai latte

Ingredients for a liter of chai
half a liter of water
½ cup grated fresh ginger
five cardamom pods
two cinnamon sticks
three tablespoons of orange-pekoe black tea leaves
six tablespoons sugar
half a liter of milk

Start by adding ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to the water and boiling for about 3 minutes.
Add the milk, sugar and heat concoction just before the boiling point.
Turn off the heat, add the black tea and let it steep for about 3 minutes, no longer.

Finally, strain and serve this wonderful chai, liquid gold!

Want to watch a step by step video? Check out our YouTube video showing every step.

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For years we have been privately using video to teach our students locally and globally.

Now we want to use YouTube to reach everyone else who is also passionate about living with purpose and being their best. After all, it's not just about you, but the community you exist in. To give your best to others it is fundamentally necessary to first be your best.

Subscribe to the DeRose Method Greenwich Village YouTube channel and join us as we bring high performance lifestyle to you wherever you are so you can live a fulfilling life!

Vegetables With Couscous and Yogurt Sauce

Vegetables With Couscous and Yogurt Sauce

This week we have a wonderful dish that is great for summer because it is blends warmth of a bed of couscous and rich colors with the cool touch of flavorful yogurt sauce. The easiest way to achieve a well balanced and nutrient rich dish is to include a diverse array of colors with real food. Each vegetable carries the perfect balance of nutrients and your body's chemistry knows exactly how to break the nutrients down in the most efficient manner possible, adjusting to what your greatest needs are at any given moment.

Furry angels: what we can learn about ourselves through dogs

Furry Angels is a real story about how Jaya, a Weimaraner, teaches us to be better and more self-aware humans. When we co-exist we mostly learn about ourselves. This is a lovely reflection about how the relationship between man and dog is story about primitive love and understanding our primitive instinct.

A perfect subway or bedside read. Here is a special link to the e-book edition!

DeRose Method Entrepreneur Training

DeRose Method Entrepreneur Training

Soon we will be starting a new cycle of the DeRose Method Entrepreneur Training Course and spots are limited.

Your career determines your life's legacy and should enable you to leave the world a better place. Your work represents your essence so make it inspiring and fruitful. It must serve a deep purpose that resonates with your ideals, values and philosophy of life.

The cornerstone of the DeRose Method profession is a noble philosophy you can live by proudly, with honesty and carry with you eternally. As DeRose Method Entrepreneurs we only teach what we practice. We teach from experience and never stop being students of life. We are a community of idealist & entrepreneurs who believe we must be the change we want to see in the world. None of this matters if the new generation of good people like you don't take the torch and pass it along to the following generations!

For more information write to or call us at 1-917-727-0233.