No experience necessary! Our classes are designed to provide you with the conditions to develop the full spectrum of your performance in a way that is metabolizable, safe, challenging and enjoyable for all experience levels.

All classes and activities are unique and personalized, thus providing students with more opportunities to learn and evolve quickly.

While traveling, all members have the luxury of enjoying the same classes and services at any accredited DeRose Method entity around the world at no extra cost.

BeginNers Practice

In this introductory phase students will learn the most basic techniques, including organic body techniques, vital organ purification techniques, breathing techniques and relaxation. In your first class you will begin to develop greater body awareness, improve the respiratory system, improve vital organ health, improve nervous system function, all this resulting in an immediate increase in well being and quality of life.

The period of time in the introductory phase is related to the student's effort to learn the basics. We recommend one to three months in the introductory phase.

Intermediate Practice

In the intermediate phase students will be introduced to our intermediate class known as SwáSthya (meaning self-dependence), building upon and refining the foundation presented in the initial phase, introducing a significant collection of techniques that develop and sustain improved human performance, and catapulting your personal evolution.

SwáSthya classes are composed of eight modalities of techniques:

1. reflexological gestures;
2. energetic interchange;
3. vocalization of sounds and ultra-sounds;
4. expansion of bio-energy through respiratory techniques;
5. purification activity for the mucosa;
6. organic body techniques;
7. relaxation technique;
8. concentration, meditation and more expanded states of awareness.


Meditation Training
This class teaches about the process of meditation in a simple and clear way. You'll learn the different stages of mental discipline and simple techniques training concentration and meditation.

Organic Body & Emotional training
Class focusing on the training of organic techniques developing increased physical strength, muscle tone, and flexibility of muscles and joints.

Conscious Movement training
Also known as choreography class, which is one of eight major technical characteristics of our method. It's an art performed with the body linking positions through conscious transitions reminiscent of a living sculpture. This is considered to be the most primitive form of human performance training, brought back and perfected by the DeRose Method. Learn to develop your own choreography while improving your performance in the weekly Beginners or Intermediate practices. Watch the choreography here.

Visualization training
The practice of mentalization trains breathing techniques, vocalizations, and mentalizations. In this experience, the practitioner learns to develop mental discipline in order to channel the power of the mind.

Vocalization training
The vocalization training teaches how to properly vocalize ancient sounds designed to help with meditation.Explore the technical applications of ancestral phonetic vibrations used for thousands of years to clear the mind and be more intuitive.

Streaming Online {real time interaction or recorded}

Our streaming online classes are real-time and interactive, just like being in the classroom! We are dedicated to offering the best and most personal virtual experience anywhere. We treat our online members like every other member and put a lot of time and energy into developing an genuine and personal teacher-student relationship.