Be committed to living an extraordinary life.

Our Chai

The first paradigm shift experience in our school might be when you taste our chai. Made from scratch on-site everyday, our delicious chai is rich in spices and links you to the authentic heritage of Our Culture.

Our Literature

The breadth of our literature collection presents the findings from over fifty years of life experience and research; twenty five of those were spent traveling to India. Book titles include: My Many Lives; Meditation; Karma & dharma; and other titles on meatless nutrition, behavior innovation, culture, civility, history, and more.

Our Talks & Experiences
Learn to master your mind, emotions and body in these social discussions & experiences aimed to bring about positive & permanent shifts in your quality of life, your relationships, your family, your work, your family, and your community.

Our Nourishment

For us, flavor and the pleasurable sensory experience is sacred when it comes to food! We regularly prepare delicious and elaborate meals that represent our food philosophy. This is one of the most popular school activities among our students, who often bring friends and relatives to join!

Our International Events

DeROSE Festivals are a full immersion experience occurring worldwide all-year-round in cities like New York (October), Hawaii (March), São Paulo (August), Florianopolis (May), Buenos Aires (September), Saquarema (November), Paris (November) and Lisbon (July).