Meditation Challenge // Level One - Day #14



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the back straight, the eyes closed and a light smile in the expression.  Quieten the body, mind and heart. Observe your body in stillness, simply be present and enjoy this moment.

In this stillness, transport yourself to a beautiful landscape with lake and large waterfall. Imagine yourself sitting atop a large slab of stone covered with moss near the base of the waterfall.

The immense waterfall rises above you vertically. The volume of water is immense, striking the surface of the lake with great impact, producing a large cloud of suspended water droplets that delicately dampen your skin.

You are surrounded by water and lush trees. The light of the morning sun softly glistens across the water, stones and shrubs.

Your consciousness progressively expands to encompass the entire landscape, including each leaf of each shrub, the small droplets, the rocky cliffs, the contours of the tree trunks, the volume and the strength of the magnificent waterfall. Concentrate on the waterfall…  focus and meditate.