Meditation Challenge // Level One - Day #15



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the back straight, the eyes closed and a light smile in the expression.

Imagine yourself sitting on the shore of a lake. The water is deep and crystal clear. It is completely silent. The Autumnal sun gently illuminates the landscape around you. From the shore a pebble is thrown towards the centre of the lake. It rises and rises, until it reaches the highest point of its flight. Then it begins its steep descent toward the surface of the lake. Follow the pebble's course.

Observe as the pebble meets the surface of the crystalline water.

As it enters the water the reflection shakes, generating soft ripples. Watch for a moment the gentle movement created by the pebble. Notice the qualities of the water. Meanwhile, the pebble continues down, delving deeper and deeper into the lake, until it settles on the bottom.

Rest your focus on the image of the little pebble at the bottom of the lake. Your interest is drawn to the figure of this pebble.

All around everything is still. Stabilize all of your awareness on this image, until the mental waves cease. Focus and meditate.