Meditation Challenge // Level One - Day #2



Sit in a comfortable and stable position, with the eyes closed, the back straight, and a light, almost imperceptible, smile.

Quieten the mind and heart. Observe your body in stillness, without judging or anticipating, simply be present and enjoy this moment.

Now channel all of your attention to the space between your eyebrows.

With your awareness focused on this region, mold your thoughts to the shape of a candle’s flame in the area between your eyebrows. Your consciousness contours its shape, size and movement. Notice the element of fire and its brightness. Your surroundings, the room, any external sounds, or other parts of your body become distant and fade away. You are enveloped by a pleasant and protective veil. Your head is softly lit by the fire of the flame, acquiring a delicate reddish hue from the candle’s incandescence.

Contemplate the form of the candle’s flame. Concentrate intensely. Focus your attention on the flame until the mental waves are completely saturated by it. Focus… and meditate.