Meditation Challenge // Level One - Day #4



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the spine straight, the eyes closed and a relaxed smile. Experience a state of warm serenity.

In this moment of stillness, bring your awareness to the left side of your chest, locate the cardiac muscle and follow your heart beat. As you enter the heart, it transforms into a cave where you notice a very soft glow coming from its depths. Walk in the direction of this light, perceive the texture of the walls, the thin bed of sand on the floor and the reigning silence. As you arrive to the source of luminosity in the cave, you see a violet colored flame shining brightly and flickering. Your eyes contemplate this violet flame.

Now place the violet flame into your heart and allow the luminosity to fill your heart and chest. The mind settles, and adopts the form and qualities of this image. Observe with pleasure. Focus and meditate.