Ancient Indian Vocalizations Workshop


Ancient Indian Vocalizations Workshop


We will review and practice over thirty ancient vocalizations that have been utilized for thousands of years.

This workshop will introduce students to the power of ancient vocalizations, the technique, the different types, and the different effects. This misunderstood ancient technique energizes, produces mental clarity and focus and much more.

We will also review a basic drum rhythm to accompany the vocalizations, aside from developing coordination and concentration.

Duration: two hours

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Vocalizations are often used to “suppress the instability of consciousness” (chitta vritti nirôdhah), this state of lucidity is known as meditation, which consists of stopping the brain waves.

The vocalizations act through resonance with the energetic centers of the body. It is the same phenomena that can be observed when we tune two string instruments identically. When playing one instrument, the other plays untouched through sympathy.

According to physics, resonance is so strong that a troop should avoid marching across a bridge. If they do the bridge could be destroyed, as has occurred numerous times before. Everyone in the military knows this, but few know that this procedure is intimately linked to the art of mantras.