DeROSE Festival New York 2019

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DeROSE Festival New York 2019

from 280.00

Imagine a weekend retreat full of transformational classes and friendly faces from all over the world coming together in the Big Apple.

This year it's all about self-knowledge! All of the festival experiences will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and leading an intentional life. From Friday night to Sunday evening you'll be immersed in lectures and practices with seven incredible DeROSE Method teachers, highlighted by a course with the founder Prof. DeRose. The festival activities are accessible to all levels.

It's the perfect moment to go deeper in our Method, surrounded by new and old friends. If you enjoy the regular activities at your school, you'll leave this festival feeling inspired by the wealth of knowledge shared by all these amazing teachers.

So don't procrastinate and get yourself together to join us in New York on October 4th, 5th & 6th, 2019!

The first 30 people to enroll will have access to an exclusive practice with all six professors! Reserve your spot today because last year they were gone by July! In September the enrollment values will increase so respond to this e-mail to make a deposit in order to lock in the early-bird rates!

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The event values vary according to your degree and date of enrollment. All degrees will be confirmed with the Director of your DeROSE entity before authorizing participation.

Prices until August 31st:
Non-member $730.00
Yellow level $380.00
Orange level $355.00
Red level $330.00
Lilac level $305.00
Sky blue level $280.00

Starting September the values will increase $15 per week.