New Student Online Membership


New Student Online Membership


Access our proven and personalized methodology online. Our system will teach you a roadmap for becoming the best version of yourself, for becoming healthier, happier, wiser, more aware, loving, and purpose driven.

*Only valid for first month and for new members.

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Here are the reasons you should start your online membership today:
1. Connect to two weekly live classes and activities via Skype and get the same personal attention as if you were in NYC!
2. Watch recorded classes on-demand. Select activities are available on YouTube.
3. 1-on-1 personal development sessions focusing on optimization practices and strategies to better your human performance and lifestyle.
4. Make up any missed classes at your convenience.
5. Access to courses and events occurring all over the world, all year round.
6. Have access to our supportive online community of students and teachers.