2019 Winter Optimization Week

January 28th to February 1st

Hack Your biology, EMotions & Mindset for greater health, self-knowledge and quality of life.

How does it work?

☑️ {INCLUDED} 5-day program complete with three delicious recipes that consist exclusively of whole foods, no meat, no dairy, no grain, and no additional salt or sugar. This special program also includes savvy cooking tips

☑️ {INCLUDED} Text message support group. Share your experience with participants and consult experienced teachers.

☑️ {INCLUDED} Opportunity to enjoy the meals in a group setting at the academy or as take-away (meals purchased separately). Save time, enrich the learning experience by cooking with us and discover how everything tastes better in good company.


☑️ {$20} Unlimited level 2 practices*

Upgrade your membership to practice more during the optimization week. Technical classes that will emphasize techniques and concepts that support the positive internal transformations that will occur during this self-optimization process.are accessible on-site, via Skype or video recordings. *Some restrictions apply to on-site class availability due to capacity restrictions.

☑️ {$30} 2-hour Level 2 practice

Accelerate your personal evolution and to end the week with a cherry on top.

☑️ {$87.50} DeROSE Nourishment Philosophy Course with John Chisenhall

An in-depth review of our nourishment philosophy. Full of tips. This course is an online recording.

☑️ {$10 each} Meals*

Enjoy the meal with us at the school or pick up for take-away. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are available. *Meals must be ordered & pre-paid with 12 hours anticipation.

Why do it?

🚀 Gain priceless insight into how to better nourish your body, emotions, mind and self-awareness.

🚀 Learn to reprogram and master your mindset, emotions & behaviors.

🚀 Learn how to optimize your routine with a supportive and experienced professionals.

🚀 Enhance the quality of your sleep.

🚀 Learn practical tools for excellent internal hygiene.

Who is it for?

Individuals who are healthy, happy and are looking to experience a proven self-optimization method with a group of experienced professionals. Join the experience at our New York academy location or online from anywhere in the world and get the same level of personal attention.