"Community made us what we are and will do for us what we can not even imagine." -- Professor DeRose

Be more human.

There is more to the DeRose Method than achieving high performance in your work, sport, and art. We are differentiated by our global community of like-minded people who share the mission of building a better version of themselves.

Our lifestyle promotes habits and behaviors that improve quality of life and maintain the functionality of the body, emotions and intellect. 

Why quality of life?

Quality of life is to make your existence uncomplicated, to do what gives you pleasure, happiness, health and well-being.

Quality of life is to fulfil the psychophysiological needs, to adopt habits that improve and maintain the functionality of the body, emotions and intellect. It's the improvement and development of our abilities, in virtue of the triad: good nutrition, good health and good brain.

Quality of life is to socialize in an easygoing, ethical and responsible manner towards the sociocultural environment, aspiring to share and interact, always with generosity, elegance, respect and affection in human relations by adopting a set of values that include good culture, civility and education.

Quality of life is to adopt a vision of the world that motivates us to pursue development and improvement continuously, conquering personal excellence by means of study, ideals and self-awareness.

Quality of life is to spend less than you earn and save. It’s to live near work. To eat frugally. To be able to find satisfaction in everything. To spend time with your friends and acquaintances. To give flowers to the people you love. To not be unsettled by life's mishaps. To love frankly and forgive sincerely.

These are our values.

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