Meditation Challenge - Day #1 {3 minutes}



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the spine straight, the eyes closed and a relaxed smile. Quieten the mind and heart. Observe your body in stillness, without judging or anticipating, simply be present in the moment. Enjoy this moment of physical, emotional and mental stillness.

Now turn your attention to your breath. Breathe naturally, inhale and exhale slowly and smoothly. Perceive the contact of the air as it enters the nostrils. As you inhale, let the abdomen expand and as you exhale lightly pull the abdomen inward. Notice a brief hiatus between the inhalation and exhalation. This brief moment is almost imperceptible, but you, as a persistent observer, pay attention to this gap between the inhalation and exhalation. Don’t hold your breathe and avoid interfering with your natural respiratory rhythm. Breathe as naturally as possible. Simply observe the cadence of your breath.

Continue to breathe slowly and smoothly. Focus your awareness closely observing the sensations during the inhalation, the brief hiatus, and the exhalation. Focus…. and meditate.