Meditation Challenge - Day #3 {5 minutes}



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the spine straight, your eyes closed and a relaxed smile. Feel a state of warm serenity. In this moment of stillness, turn your perception to the chest, identifying the cardiac muscle.

Your awareness permeates this region, strive to identify the pulse of the heart, its shape, volume and density.

Now, as your awareness converges in this region of the chest, mold your thought to the shape of a candle’s flame, its form and movement. Notice the luminous element of fire. In turn, the space where you are, the external sounds and the other parts of the body become opaque and distant. You are surrounded by a very pleasant and protective veil. The heart is softly lit by the flame, giving it a reddish silhouette and emanating pleasant warmth.

Concentrate intensely. Contemplate the image of the candle’s flame until the mental waves take its shape. Focus and meditate.