Meditation Challenge - Day #5 {7 minutes}



Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the spine straight, the eyes closed and, with a light smile in the expression, feel a state of warm serenity. In this moment of stillness, direct the flow of your thoughts to your chest, in the region of the cardiac muscle.

Wherever you direct your attention, a significant increase in blood flow follows. Observe a subtle increase in temperature in the region of your chest. Perceive the pleasant warmth.

As your awareness converges in the chest, mold your thought to the shape of a candle’s golden flame resting inside your heart. Notice its shape, its movement and its luminosity. Feel the warmth in your chest emanating from the flame.

Sustain your concentration on the golden flame. Allow this image to saturate your thought. If at any moment your thought deviates, simply let the unrelated thought pass, without criticism or frustration, and return your attention to the image of the golden flame. Focus and meditate.