Meditation Challenge - Day #8 {10 minutes}

9 crecent.jpg


Sit comfortably and still, with your hands resting on your legs. With your eyes closed, and your back straight.

Gently perceive how the silence and stability brings a subtle smile to your expression. Enjoy this moment.

Cease the flow of thoughts. Focus all of your attention in the area between the eyebrows. Concentrate.

Remember, where the thoughts converge more blood will flow. Therefore, it’s quite natural if you notice a subtle increase in temperature and a slight tingle between the eyebrows.

The perception of external noises and the rest of your body disappear. All that remains is the area between your eyebrows, where now a beautiful crescent moon shines, bright and silverish. Imagine the contours of this astro in vivid detail above the landscape.

The crescent moon acquires an intense and bright silver color.

Let your thoughts be absorbed by the image of this crescent moon. Focus and meditate.