Meditation Challenge - Day #21 {20 minutes}


Remember, the goal of this challenge is to discover a meditation practice that is most effective for you and that will be incorporated into your daily routine.

Today’s you’re going to reflect on the meditation practices we’ve covered in this challenge and choose the one you’ve enjoyed the most so far, training for 20 minutes. Once you identify which images or sounds are easier for you, stick with them for a longer period of time to deepen your practice and eventually opens the gates to meditation or deep focus with any object, sound or activity.

Sit in a comfortable and firm position, with the back straight, the eyes closed and a light smile in the expression. Quiet the body, mind and emotions

Follow the continuous movement of your thoughts. Slowly move away from the randomness of these thoughts and imagine a blank canvas in front of you.

Mold your thought to the image or sound of your choice. Focus and meditate...