Meditation Challenge - Day #10 {12 minutes}



Sit in a comfortable and stable position, with the eyes closed, the back straight, and a light, almost imperceptible, smile. Still the body, mind and heart. Observe your body in stillness, without judging or anticipating, simply be present and enjoy this moment.

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably on the soft and warm sand along a small beautiful shoreline. Behind you lies a lush green forest with large palm trees, the breeze carries nature’s pleasurable perfume. The trees behind you sway in the gentle breeze and the pleasant sounds of rustling leaves reach your ears.

The sea stretches out before you. Small waves rise and fall softly over the sand.

To make this atmosphere of incomparable beauty and intimacy complete, the sun rises over the horizon in front of you, projecting its first rays of sunlight piercing the sky above the ocean.

Observe the beams of light progressively warming and illuminating your body and the landscape around you, flooding the entire panorama with a reddish hue.

Concentrate on the rising sun …  Focus and meditate…